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The next week will see some big releases in the form of Ubuntu 23.04, Fedora 38 and Linux Kernel 6.3. The Terminal Basics series will be concluded as well.

For this week, we’ve covered two new open source projects; CachyOS and Atlas. Can they make it big in coming months or years? You make the guess.

💬 Let’s see what else you have in this edition of FOSS Weekly:

  • Review of TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro
  • Continuation of Terminal and Rust series
  • And more Linux news, videos and memes

📰 Linux News Round-up

  • Slint 1.0, the open-source GUI toolkit, was recently introduced with insights into its future plans.
  • Curtail image compressor’s new release introduces support for compressing SVG files.
  • Landscape 23.03 was recently released, it is a system management tool to manage and administer Ubuntu.
  • The minimal distro 4MLinux recently got a new release.

An interesting open source project around Windows (yes, I said Windows):

Atlas: An Open Windows OS Optimized for Gaming and Privacy

An open-source project to help you get the most out of your Windows gaming experience. Are you in?

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🧠 What we’re thinking about

Drew DeVault’s personal opinion on the state of Free Software Foundation.

The Free Software Foundation is dying


On April 8, 1959, the idea of business-oriented programming language COBOL was conceived. COBOL is still the most common programming language used in the finance industry, primarily on mainframe systems with around 200 billion lines of code still in production use.

⛓️️Tutorial series

The penultimate chapter of the Terminal Basics series is about editing files in the Linux terminal.

Linux Terminal Basics #9: Editing Files in Linux Terminal

Learn about editing text files in the Linux terminal using the beginner friendly Nano editor in the second last chapter of this series.

In the third chapter of this series, learn about Integers, Floats, Characters and Boolean data types in Rust programming language.

Rust Basics Series #3: Data Types in Rust

In the third chapter of this series, learn about Integers, Floats, Characters and Boolean data types in Rust programming language.

‍🌱 Fresh on It’s FOSS

As promised in the previous edition of the newsletter, here’s the user experience review of TUXEDO’s InfinityBook Pro 16 laptop.

TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 16 Review: The Best Linux Laptop You Can Get (If You can Afford it)

It’s a beast of a Linux laptop with the best possible technical specification at the moment. Read how it performs and whether it is worth your money.

I have started using VS Code because Atom is now discontinued. I use it with Git to make changes to the website themes hosted at GitHub. Here’s a quick one about integrating GitHub with VS Code.

How to Connect GitHub to VS Code [Step by Step]

Take your coding experience to the next level of ease by integrating GitHub into VS Code.

📹 What we are watching

Some feature highlights of the upcoming Ubuntu 23.04

✨Project highlight

A performance-focused Arch-based distro for newbies and experts.

CachyOS: Arch-based Distro for Speed and Ease of Use

A performance-focused Arch-based distro for newbies and experts.

🤣 Linux Humor

Newbie: *asks for distro suggestion*

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